Welcome to the open source arcade space shooter. Pew pew!

This is the official open source home for the arcade space shooter Destination Sol, originally started by Milosh Petrov and a small team on Steam and SourceForge

After receiving highly positive reviews launching as an indie title on Steam Milosh and the remaining team members wanted to focus on different projects, having made Destination Sol primarily to try out the involved technology.

A call was put out to the player community for a new maintainer, and open source was an option praised by many and already somewhat in place on Sourceforge. The open source group MovingBlocks behind Terasology stepped in to offer infrastructure and maintenance.

Milosh accepted our offer and supported us in moving the game onwards to its new home on GitHub where we’ll set up to accept contributions from anybody willing to help improve Destination Sol and expand on its gameplay.

Destination Sol is now officially licensed under the Apache 2.0 License (except soundtrack, see above) and available in source code form at GitHub.

You can download the game on Steam, get it in the Google Play Store, or download the very latest version from our build server (warning: latest build may be unstable)

Feel free to fork the project and contribute pull requests! You can visit a Destination Sol forum on the Terasology site if you have any questions or would like to discuss the game or contributing.