Welcome to Destination Sol

Pilot your ship in the seamless open world made of space, planets, and more. Find new ships and equipment, find allies and beat all the enemies in this open source space shooter!

Destination Sol is an open-source, free-to-play hardcore arcade/RPG. You start as a pilot of a small fighter ship on the edge of a star system, and you're free to explore the game world, land on planets, fight with enemies, upgrade your ship and equipment, hire mercenaries, mine asteroids, and more.

2.1.0 Release


The 2.1.0 release is out!

GSoC World-Gen Project: Wrap Up


The last few weeks have brought the project to completion! We've now got fully functioning and modular World Generation in Destination: Sol

GSoC World-Gen Project: World Generation Up and Running


In the past few weeks, I have set up generation of working SolarSystems and Planets!

GSoC World-Gen Project: Laying Down A Framework


This year, I am working on a World-Gen project in Destination: Sol for Google Summer of Code. Here's what has happened in the first few weeks.

Google Summer of Code Wrap Up

Isaac Lichter

This is my wrap-up post for Google Summer of Code, but I intend to keep contributing (and hopefully posting here).

Asteroid Creation with Working Contact Handling

Isaac Lichter

I've gotten asteroids up and running, with working graphics, basic contact handling, and destruction.

The first ECS-based objects are done

Isaac Lichter

I've made the first entity to use the core ECS structures (asteroids), and I refactored `Transcendent` to be a component for a ship.

Physics interface and Graphics are Complete

Isaac Lichter

I've created systems to handle the interactions with the physics and the graphics.

Overview of the Basic ECS Structures

Isaac Lichter

I've finished most of the fundamental structures for ECS-based design. The next stage is putting those structures to use.

Google Summer of Code Project!

Isaac Lichter

This is the first post from the GSOC project. This summer, I'll build an ECS structure for Destination: Sol.

Say Hello to Our New Website!


If you have visited our website before you might notice something different now. Yep, we have some more things! Our new website was built on a desire to improve upon the prior splashsite.