2.1.0 Release

Posted by BenjaminAmos on March 31, 2023

We are pleased to announce that 2.1.0 has been released! There isn’t a great deal of new content in this release but there’s been a lot of work done behind the scenes to make the game much more stable and easier to work with.

You can download the desktop release directly from GitHub, or on Steam. You can get the Android build from Google Play (Pending) or F-Droid, or download the release APK directly from GitHub.

As a community-driven open source project, we’re always looking for additional contributors. Feel free to get in-touch if you’re interested.

The highlights of this release:

  • New World Generation
    • This work was completed as part of a Google Summer of Code project by @IsaiahBlanks
  • New UI Framework
    • Players with irregular screen resolutions should experience far fewer issues
  • New Tutorial
  • Working maze collisions
  • Many fixed bugs and fewer crashes


  • Replaced UIs using a new UI framework (NUI)
  • Added a UI scaling option to the main menu settings
  • Added a preview of a ship’s appearance on the new ship screen
  • Updated the in-game tutorial
  • The Page-Up and Page-Down keys can be used to change the map zoom


  • Updated libGDX to 1.9.14
    • This should hopefully resolve some issues experienced by macOS players
  • The escape key no longer closes the game from the main menu
  • Projectiles no longer collide with their originating ship

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed maze collisions
  • Fixed objects being incorrectly culled on the map screen
  • Fixed waypoint placement on a rotated map
  • Fixed crash when opening inventory whilst transcendent
  • Fixed crash when respawning whilst transcendent
  • Fixed crash when the game is minimised
  • [Android] Removed duplicated assets from the Android APK
  • [Android] Fixed scrambled textures when un-suspending game on Android
  • [Android] Fixed severe slowdown during rapid collisions on Android
  • Fixed ability charges not being consumed
  • Fixed free IK-2 Escort mercenaries from the federal module

If you feel like reporting an issue with the game, you can do it on GitHub.

We’ve also got a Discord server for game-related chatter. Look for the #play-dest-sol channel.